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I had an incredible opportunity to partner with Lindsay Walden Photography, based out of DFW Texas, to create an adorable video for her newborn photography business.

One day Lindsay was walking through an art gallery with a few other photographers and she was so inspired by all of the gorgeous art that an incredible idea hit her! What if she created Masterpiece Newborn Photographs inspired by the real Masterpiece's we see in art galleries???

Her mind was reeling with the thought and she began mapping out how she could accomplish it.  One step led to the next step and before she realized, she was recreating gorgeous masterpiece's inspired by Vincent van Gogh, Monet, Degas, and many others.

The beauty in her photographic art is that she creates "living" backdrops (thats' what I'm calling them).  She hand dye's the wool, makes the recreation, and then places the newborn into the middle of it - it isn't done in photoshop...this is real life art.

Take a peek at her photos and watch her promo video will thank me! :)

It's truly an amazing thing what she does.  If you have a newborn photography business - adding video to your website is one of the best invesments you can make.  It gives your clients the reassurance they need to trust you with their tiny human.