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How To Get Great Sound For Your Videos

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When you think about video you usually don't think about the sound factor until it's filming day and you're scrambling around like "why didn't I even think of this?!".

I know. It's happened to me before too! But considering your audio is one of the must-do items on your video production list. You don't have to have super expensive gear to get started but consider upgrading your audio quality at some point down the road, it will make a huge difference


If you're a podcaster, blogger, vlogger, or online educator having a great microphone at your computer is probably one of the most valuable pieces of gear to have on hand.

A quick search on amazon will pull up a variety of USB microphones for you to choose from.  Do your research carefully to make sure you're getting something with an affordable price for you and great sound quality.  Personally I love Rode Mics and think they meet affordability and quality needs
Amazon - USB Mics


Shotgun mics will come in handy for photographers, workshop educators, and anyone that wants to capture some surround noises for their film.  These are easy to attach to your DSLR and don't require a ton of fiddling to get it just right.

Rode VideoMic Pro

Rode VideoMic Pro

I own this mic and attach it in almost every instance that I don't need a Lavaliere Mic (for interviews, etc), but that I know I'll need to capture some audio.

Here's a quick guide on the different type of DSLR Mics:

**as a side note** If you're going to film your kids school play and you want to get better audio than what your point and shoot video camera, or DSLR will provide - this is a good option as well.  This will capture noise from all around you - so you will pick up the coughers and sneezers, but if you sit close enough to the front you could eliminate 70% of those noises.


These Microphones tend to be a little more costly but they are an essential mic to have if you are going to record interviews, 1:1 speaking, etc.  This is the type of audio you're used to from news anchors and news reporters.

You can find these online at B&H Photo, or through Amazon in an array of prices, but the really good ones will cost you some bucks.

You can find great ones for middle of the road prices anywhere from $100 - $300.

I hope this small breakdown gives you a beginners look at adding audio to your videos.  One of the best parts about hiring us for your video project is that you don't have to think about these things! We do the thinking for you! And it's one less piece of gear you need to worry about keeping track of.

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