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Hi There!  So it's been a tad been quiet around full on crickets...but that's because my husband and I found out near the end of June that we are having a baby! Yay! Between feeling sick, growing a baby, and adjusting to what my new life will be like - I focused on myself,  my husband, and my growing family.

ANYHOODLES - WHO CARES?!?! You all understand!!! :)

So, in early June I was contacted by a photographer to create a video for her.  But not a promo video for her business...nope...she wanted something even more special...she wanted a video to capture her FAMILY! How flipping cool is that?!  I Loved the idea and was totally on board.

Our first order of business was to decide in what setting teh video would take place.

  • Minute To Win It Game Day
  • Ball Park Day
  • Picnic Day
  • Bike Rides and Picnic
  • Lake Day (skipping rocks, playing in the water, etc)
  • Camping (camping at Grapevine or Lewisville Lake, they have tiny cabins to rent, roasting smores over a fire, playing horse-shoes or bean bag toss, etc)
  • Baking at Home, Coloring, Movie Day.
  • Carnival

She LOVED the idea of a Carnival day to depict her family running around playing games and having all sorts of laughs and fun.  I did lots of research and the first carnival available was the North Texas State Fair in Denton. Perfect!

And now it's time to see for yourself how much fun they had!

When the video was ready, we had a Movie Premiere Night.  I went to their house, loaded their video onto their TV and oooh'd and aaahh'd at how awesome the day was!


I'm not sure I could pinpoint my favorite part of the whole experience.  I loved creating a family video, and I especially LOVED that their kids drew pictures of their memories from the day, and then I turned that into their DVD cover! so fun!

I hope you've enjoyed it! If you have any questions about your own family video please reach out.

The Best Recipe for Macaroni and Cheese

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I'm about to reveal to you the Best Recipe for Macaroni and Cheese. 
If you love noodles, cheese, onion, sausage (or bacon!), cheese, more cheese, and gravy then get ready for the most delicious meal of your life.


Ok, I know you're looking at those incrediends and you're tilting your head back and forth and thinking "um...I don't think those things belong together".  If there's anytime you trusted me, let it be this moment!

Here's what you'll need:
1 Bag of Macaroni noodles
1 Large bag of shredded cheese. I use the mexican style cheese, you can use whatever you like.
1 packet of McCormick's country gravy
1 Pack of Sausage or Bacon
1/3 Onion

Here's how you make it:

  • Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  • Boil your macaroni noodles. How much depends on you. I usually boil a whole bag if it's one of the smaller ones, or half a bag if it's the 1LB bag.
  • Cook your sausage while the noodles are boiling.
  • Dice 1/3 of your onion into small pieces.
  • Once your noodles are cooked, your sausage is cooked, and your onion is diced then pull out a pyrex dish or another glass casserole dish (you will put it in the oven in a few steps).
  • Chop up the sausage into pieces, I usually slice them all and then slice them again in half.
  • Now you will make the country gravy - use the instructions on the back of the package.

Now it's time for Assembly!

  • This is a layering process. First lay down a layer of noodles (probably half of what you cooked).
  • Now sprinkle in some onions (about half).
  • Now add half of the sausage.
  • Next add a layer of gravy
  • Add a layer of cheese.
  • Repeat the above steps one more time and you should have used all of your ingredients. Or you could just keep repeating until you have. 

I like to end the layer with the cheese being the final top layer.

Now put it in the oven (should have already preheated to 350) for about 20 minutes or until the cheese is nice and gooey.

When the cheese is gooey and melty looking you will pull it out and let it cool for 5 minutes - and then
IG IN!!!


I don't usually add any salt or pepper because - and I am a salt and pepper freak! I don't add any because the salt from the sausage and the pepper from the country gravy seem to do the trick for me. 

But this recipe is all about YOUR tastes - so play around with quantities and see what you come up with! 

However, I promise that all of these ingredients taste AMAZING together!

5 Videos Your Clients Want to See

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When I talk to clients in the early stages of planning their Promo Video one of the main questions I'm always asked is "what kind of videos should be on my website?".  That's a perfect question to ask, and I'm here to tell you!  Your clients WANT to watch videos on your website.  Not only do they absorb the information faster, but it sticks with them a heck of a lot longer than text.

Here are 5 videos clients want to see on your website:


This type of video is an overview of your company, what it's like to work with you, and a little personality.  You can have as much fun with this, or be as serious as you want. This video is different than an "about me" video because you're giving your clients a behind the curtains peek at what doing business with you would be like, versus just showing off your personality and things you like to eat/drink/read/do.


Find your best client and ask them to go Live with their thoughts on doing business with you.  It goes a long way as "social proof".  A written testimonial with your clients picture has been done a billion times before.  But Testimonial videos haven't and they're still so new that it will wow visitors on your website.


Show your clients how to do something that will add value to their life.  Are you a newborn photographer? Give a valuable how-to video for newborn moms and dads that either entertains them, or gives them much needed information on being a parent of a newborn.
Are you a fashion or set stylist? Give your clients a How To tutorial that will help them style the latest fashion trends or how to setup a styled photoshoot.  It's all about providing value to your clients.


This video is one where you can show a little more personality and can be quirky and fun.  If you're a total extrovert your clients want to see your personality on video, they want to know who you are before working with you.  And likewise, if you're kind of shy and you feel like you communicate better through email, videos are for you too!  It all comes down to letting your clients see your personality and get to know you before they invest.


I'm sure you have a list of things you tell your clients over and over and over, and you've probably been meaning to create an FAQ section of your website but the thought of linking one more thing in the menu bar makes you all twitchy.  Give them a video instead! This not only reinforces the FAQ's, but it's one more chance for your potential clients to get to know you.


Create a products/services video for your "investment page" or your "services page".  People are 93.4% more likely to click on a video about your products and services as they are to read text.  Text is boring. People don't have time to read text, they want all the info condensed into an entertaining video in under 2 minutes. So, give it to them.

Temporary Takedown

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**UPDATE: 7/29/15
I've republished my Facebook page. Thanks for understanding!

Have you heard any crazy stories where someone's Facebook page get hacked, or harassed, or even worse - reported?  Facebook is a scary place sometimes. It's not perfect.

fb page.jpg

I'm here to let you know that I've had to temporarily take my FB page offline.  I've been receiving some harassing messages and comments and I'd like it to all be over with, so I took my business page down.

It's incredibly inconvenient for everyone and it really really sucks.  I'm hoping I can get it back up soon enough and the guy responsible moves on or gets a life.

Check back here though, to see some of latest and greatest that's happening.  It's not nearly as "up to the minute" as social media - but it's still a pretty cool blog if you ask me ;)


Talk to you soon!


About Me Video for Dallas Blogger Dressing Dallas

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Hey! So I'm so excited to debut this awesome Fashion Blogger "About Me" Video!  Lauren is the creative mastermind behind her fashion blog Dressing Dallas and I have been able to work with her to create an About Me video that sums her up perfectly!  She is sweet, peppy, and vibrant and we worked hard to communicate that in her video.

Have a look for yourself:


And while you're at it - head over to Lauren's blog post - she has some more information and some really nice things to say about working with me.

Video for Lifestyle, Fashion, or other types of bloggers is becoming something that's necessary.  People have gone beyond the need for "photo or it didn't happen" .... they're now at "show me a video or I don't want to take time to look or read".  It's crazy how as we advance in technology we are demanding a condensed version of information. 

Video satisfies all of those demands:
1. You can communicate a lot of information in a short amount of time
2. It's visual
3. It tells a story
4. It's engaging
5. It sells you/your brand without your involvement

I've recently made a few improvements to make working together more valuable and affordable for you.  Contact me and we'll go over the improvements and talk about how video will help you gain more clients, readers, and expand your brand.