Renee Angela Media - Video + Photography

It's so nice to meet you!

In 2001 I dropped my college classes and spent nearly 2 years traveling with a youth ministry group learning video production from an amazing mentor and friend. When I came back home I thought my only course in life was to get a corporate job and sit at a desk all day. Fast forward past many corporate jobs to 2013, which is when I decided to marry my love for visual arts and women business owners.

Now I help Creatives and Small Business Women Entrepreneurs get noticed by creating for them high quality brand films and brand photography.

Your business and your life has a story. Your clients have a story. The visual signals you send to out to your potential clients will draw them to you and your brands story. Through working together we will create images and videos that support your cause, your voice,  your mission, and your business

These are my girls! On the left is Ellie and on the right is Stella. We play together, have living room dance off sessions, and snuggle!


I love working with other creatives and business owners. There's such a rush of new ideas and overall good-tingly-feelings when I'm working with other like-minded people. What we do, daily try to conquer the world, can feel so isolating and lonely at times. I'm here to not only help take your business to the next level, but to also listen to you and offer advice when I can. Contact me and we'll create one of a kind video and photography for your business.